Our primary focus in our rabbitry is meat production , we strive to produce quality broiler size rabbits which are not available from typical rabbit suppliers .

Pet rabbits also available , we have pedigree breeding stock , and offer the following breeds . Availability will vary on particular breeds as we develop our meat rabbit lines to incorporate the Altex And Tamuk  in 2018 .

  • Champagne d'Argent
  • New Zealand
  • Rex
  • Californian
  • Altex
  • Tamuk

Our exclusive Champagne D'Argent line is second to none , Consisting of over 30 years of refinement our Venable Champagnes have won many grand champion titles in national competition .

if you would like more information on our rabbits or would like to purchase a pet/show rabbit  contact us at info@bellhorsepower.com